China by Pedal Power
Thursday, 29 June 2000
Following his epic 480km bicycle ride that incorporated visits to the scenic areas in the vicinity of Beijing - including the Great Wall of China - Lighting Technology Projects' Jonathan Hilton is now busy collecting in over £3000 worth of promised donations for Mencap. Within the sum is £1000 that was sanctioned by director Bruce Kirk on behalf of LTP. Organised by Mencap in the UK, the trip turned out to be a never-to-be-forgotten experience. "I can tell you quite categorically that Chinese bicycles do not have saddles," said Jonathan. "They have a multi-functional device which splits a person into two halves and also acts as a 'no anaesthetic' vasectomy." In his spare time, Hilton is Lighting Technology's product manager for searchlights and Light Pipe and was project manager for one of the company's latest major contracts, the Light Pipe installation on the Millennium Bridge.

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