Pioneer Releases Revolutionary DJ CD Player
Wednesday, 26 April 2000
Pioneer has released the CMX-5000, an automatic-beat mixing twin-CD player for DJs. The CMX-5000 is similar to existing rack-mount CD player, but includes a number of developments. The CMX-5000 uses a sophisticated computer chip which analyses the beat of the music playing, adjusts the next track to match the beats per minute (BPM) and smoothly mixes one track into another. It also gives you a choice of four different blends and mix effects (standard cross-fade, cut, echo and zip). It can also auto beat mix seamlessly from any two tracks on the same CD. The CMX-5000 includes the features of the CDJ- 500 series, such as Master Tempo, Fader Start/Back Cue Play, seamless looping, re-looping, digital outs, super fast track search / track scan and a large jog dial. Another new feature is the transparent jog dial, which allows for a comprehensive data display behind each dial.

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