Soundcraft and BSS Fulfil Children's Promise
Tuesday, 14 March 2000
Some 2,500 children from all over the country arrived at the Millennium Dome recently to celebrate Children's Promise. The event gave the Dome the opportunity to use its newly-installed Soundcraft K1 console, which is connected into the central show BSS 9088 Soundweb network.The day was rounded off in Skyscape, with a 'Voices of Promise' concert, with a Soundcraft Series 5 desk on monitors (mixed by Mark Crawley). As a full 57-piece orchestra, a band, and child choirs of varying vocal timbres all had to be mixed, the decision was made to split the FOH mixes. While the resident 48-channel Series 5 FOH desk was assigned to band, radio mic, Genex and VT mixes, one of the Dome's roving 32-input Soundcraft K3 desks was brought in to handle the orchestral mixes, with Pete Bartlett and Matt Napier on respective engineering duties. 10 Soundweb DSP networking devices are used in Skyscape, switched between surround sound in cinema mode and straight left/right. A Soundweb in each of the C Audio Pulse amp racks (using 2x1100 and 2x650 models) handled loudspeaker management for both the JBL HLA PA rig and floor monitors; the FOH processing was in conventional analogue, though the final output was sent to the stage via Soundweb down a single Cat 5 cable.

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