PL+S: Artnovion welcomes new arrivals
Monday, 15 April 2019
artnovionOrion is the culmination of extensive research
Germany - Portuguese acoustic treatment specialists Artnovion (distributed in the UK by Audio-Technica) unveiled two new product ranges at Prolight+Sound 2019.
The latest addition to the company’s Pro Audio and Studio range, Orion is the culmination of extensive research into the optimisation of MLS sequences for calibrated acoustic absorption. An array of Orion absorbers create areas with a distinct acoustic response, each calibrated to work at a certain frequency range – the panel’s performance begins at 315Hz and offers effective, even absorption to 3150Hz.
Using Helmholtz-style absorption techniques boosts mid-low and mid-range absorption, whilst the open areas of the panel are enough to guarantee high-frequency control. Designed for the studio world, where each surface is critical, the new Orion panels have been created to enable producers and engineers to maximise the sonic potential of their recording space.
Artnovion’s new Antares absorber is the latest addition to studio designer Jan Morel’s signature product line-up. The tapered slots of the panel create balanced mid-range absorption, whilst the panels’ deceptively large absorption area guarantees high performance, high frequency absorption.
(Jim Evans)

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