Le Mark launches environment-friendly tape
Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Le Mark has introduced MagTape Ultra Matt
UK - Le Mark has launched MagTape Ultra-Matt, an environment-focused gaffer tape.
For many years, the company had sought to find ways of reducing its impact on the environment, working to provide its customers a choice when it comes to the use of tapes and consideration for the world.
“The ultimate aim was to produce a biodegradable or recyclable gaffer tape,” explains Le Mark’s managing director, Stuart Gibbons. “But like many industries trying to go green, we found the technology to make it affordable just wasn’t there for us yet. But, there must be something we could do.”
Determined not to give up, the team began to re-think how gaffer tape could be made. Going back to basics, they reviewed everything that went into the make-up of a traditional gaffer tape and the processes in its production.
After years of testing and collaboration between Le Mark and one of its primary manufacturing plants, they made “a huge leap forward”.
By stripping back chemicals and streamlining its manufacturing process, Le Mark has introduced MagTape Ultra Matt, a 100% toluene free, low VOC gaffer tape that’s been produced with reduced chemical release agents, using an energy efficient manufacturing process. It is completed with a natural rubber based, residue resistant adhesive and supplied with widely recyclable packaging.
(Jim Evans)

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