SSL expands 500 Series module range
Friday, 9 April 2021
uv-500-series-moduleSolid State Logic is distributed in the UK by Sound Technology
UK - Solid State Logic (SSL) has introduced two new modular processors as part of revitalising the SSL 500 Series module range. The G-Comp Bus Compressor, E-EQ and E-Dynamics processing modules have been given a fresh, sleek brushed steel facelift, while a feature enhanced VHD+ module, new stereo Ultraviolet Stereo Equaliser (UV-EQ) and SiX Channel (SiX CH) modules, complete the new-look range.
Niall Feldman, SSL director of new products, comments, “For nearly 20 years, we have made many of our classic console and processor-based innovations available to more producers, engineers and musicians via the 500 module series. The opportunity with our more recent product to continue this work and bring a new range of modern classic 500 modules to a broader market, was too good to resist.”
Ultraviolet takes the minimum phase-shift Violet stereo EQ section from the new studio-favourite analogue processor Fusion and puts it into the 500 series format. Over and above Fusion’s Violet EQ, Ultraviolet takes features one step further, adding two dedicated mid-bands, with precision Focus mode for ‘ultimate EQ control’.
SiX Channel is a single-width 500 Series channel strip using the SuperAnalogue processing features from SSL’s compact SiX console, including Mic-pre, low and high frequency EQ, as well as the single knob compressor. SiX Channel is a simple way to add additional mic/line inputs to the line level inputs of any professional audio device, including the stereo channels of the SiX console. It is also a flexible way to create a professional modular mixer from a ‘summing’ 500 Series rack unit.
The versatile VHD+ Pre now features front and rear inputs with four different impedance selections making it a versatile mic pre and DI box for a wide range of microphones and instruments.

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