Brompton adds further features to Tessera
Thursday, 9 June 2022
bromptonWith Extended Bit Depth, you can reproduce HDR content up to 10 times darker than previously possible
UK - Brompton Technology has announced two major feature advances as part of its Tessera v3.4 software release: Extended Bit Depth and Stacking. “These features enhance our already compelling feature-set, which is well-established as the processing of choice for both major live events and film and television production,” says Brompton’s CEO, Richard Mead.”
Extended Bit Depth unlocks higher PWM bit depth output with a free firmware update for all existing and new panels fitted with the Brompton R2 or R2+ receiver card. Up to 3.3 additional bits of precision improves low-brightness performance – reducing visual artefacts and bringing out additional detail and nuance in dark areas of the image. This substantial increase in dynamic range offers a significant boost in performance that is hard to ignore for ICVFX and other LED on camera applications.
With Extended Bit Depth, you can also reproduce HDR content up to 10 times darker than previously possible, without compromising peak brightness for HDR highlights.
Many setups utilise multiple processors working together to drive different parts of a single LED screen. The second new feature of Tessera v3.4 - Stacking - which is available on Tessera SX40 and S8 processors, allows multiple processors in a setup to be controlled together in unison. Tessera v3.4 is now available as beta software for evaluation.

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