Mahajak Development selected and installed Harman networked audio systems
Thailand - To provide versatile and intuitive AV technology for a variety of events and scenarios, Mahajak Development recently installed networked AV systems by Harman Professional Solutions at MTLA’s new Sarnsara Learning Centre in Bangkok.
Founded in 1951, Muang Thai Life Assurance (MTLA) is a major provider of life insurance with 250 branches across Thailand. In 2020, MTLA constructed Sarnsara Learning Centre, a new facility with the aim of creating an ideal learning space and collaborative environment for its associates and clients. Its facilities include a 1,000-seat auditorium, 73 guestrooms and 16 training rooms of various sizes, each accommodating between 20 and 200 people.
To ensure that the array of rooms could support a variety of purposes - including seminars, meetings, group discussions, workshops and other activities - MTLA turned to integrator Mahajak Development to equip the centre with the latest AV technology and user-friendly audio systems. Mahajak Development selected and installed Harman networked audio systems utilizing JBL Professional speakers, Soundcraft mixers and AMX network processors.
“We are so proud to be entrusted with providing audio solutions for Sarnsara Learning Centre,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, project director at Mahajak Development Co. “Because Muang Thai Life is imbued with the core value of “caring”, we have made this our priority as well - to deliver our best and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.”
Mahajak outfitted the main auditorium with JBL CBT 100 LA-1 column loudspeaker array systems to deliver wide and balanced sound quality in the large space. A Soundcraft Si Expression digital audio console makes it easy to dial in professional quality mixes quickly, even for users with limited audio experience. To ensure sound quality and clarity for a wide variety of applications, Mahajak equipped the meeting spaces and seminar rooms with JBL Control Series 14C/T, 16C/T and 18C/T ceiling loudspeakers, which blend in seamlessly with the ceiling.
Both the auditorium and the largest seminar room feature prominent motorized LED screens for video content. To provide reliable operation and support for multiple analogue and digital formats, Mahajak installed an AMX NX-2200 Netlinx integrated controller, which provides a scalable platform with backward compatibility and extensive network security features. AMX Modero G5 Series touch panels allow users to access that control via a beautiful, single, streamlined interface.
“It has been a rewarding experience to work with Mahajak Development on this project,” said G Amar Subash, vice president and general manager at Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “We are glad that the versatility and reliability of Harman products will serve Sarnsara Learning Centre well into the future.”

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