Creative trio launch event production company
Wednesday, 28 October 2020
jem-liveJerry Cleary, Edwin Higgins and Mark Davies
UK - Events and creative industry professionals Mark Davies, Jerry Cleary and Edwin Higgins have joined forces to launch a new event production company, JEM LIVE.
The new venture combines a physical event production offering with services such as live streaming, extended reality (xR) and social media amplification to enable organisers and agencies to expand the reach of their event.
“We wanted to create a company which was fluent in virtual event technologies while not forgetting the importance of more classic elements of event production,” comments Davies. “High quality design, lighting, sound, staging etc. remain at the heart of live events but in the COVID-19 era we have to be willing to integrate virtual elements too.”
Davies has more than 25 years’ experience in live events and entertainment architecture and is responsible for the commercial and business development of the company including global operations and strategic planning.
With an extensive background in spatial and technical design, Cleary has worked at multiple leading companies in the industry and is responsible for channelling the creative vision of clients through all aspects of JEM LIVE and ensuring the quality of projects.
Higgins is an audio-visual specialist with a background in design and has worked extensively in delivering high profile live events around the globe. He is responsible for the technical direction of the company.

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