Danley extends Jericho Horn family at InfoComm
Thursday, 15 June 2017
danleyj6-42angleThe Danley J6-42 is tri-amplified and uses Danley’s Synergy crossover design
USA - Danley Sound Labs will introduce the newest member of the stadium-grade Jericho Horn family, the J6-42, at InfoComm 2017. The new J6-94 Jericho Horn uses Danley’s new Paraline High Density (PHD) technology to deliver 6-8dB more output and lower lows than the J3-64. Its narrow, well-defined 40x20 beamwidth and small footprint make the J6-42 a solution for end-fired scoreboard hangs or any situation where long throws and high output are paramount.
Using Danley’s patented technologies, the J6-42 combines eight 1.4-inch drivers, eight 6-inch drivers, and eight 10-inch drivers into a single phase-coherent, point-source output.
“In terms of audio purity, output, and efficiency, the Danley J6-42 would be the ideal solution at any price,” said Mike Hedden, president/CEO of Danley Sound Labs. “But compared to anything else that could even come close, the J6-42 is a total bargain. Like all Danley products, the J6-42 does what it does so well by virtue of Tom and his team’s innovative acoustical designs. It’s about the design of the box and the way the drivers are arranged physically.
“Everyone else is going down the rabbit hole of processing, processing, and more processing, which might bring some specifications in line with what Danley achieves through acoustics, but undoubtedly comes at the expense of other specifications, both measured and unmeasured.”
The Danley J6-42 is tri-amplified and uses Danley’s Synergy crossover design. The three bands combine to produce an exceptionally flat and phase coherent frequency response between 50Hz and 7kHz (+/- 3dB). Sentinel Limiter circuitry protects the drivers from damage, and the drivers themselves are robustly designed for longevity. Sturdy 18mm birch protected by a polyurea coating makes the J6-42 weather resistant, and an optional fiberglass resin finish makes it weatherproof.
(Jim Evans)

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