Danley helps Bald Eagles reach new heights
Wednesday, 2 October 2019
lockhavenuniversitygym2Danley OS80 point-source loudspeakers and TH118 subwoofers were installed at the gym
USA - Danley loudspeakers were recently installed at the Thomas Fieldhouse gym, the home of the Lock Haven Bald Eagles of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.
The university serves 4,600 students in the north-central region of the state and its Lock Haven Bald Eagles sports teams compete in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference’s Divisions I & II.
All Bald Eagle indoor sports are played at the Thomas Fieldhouse gym, its boomy acoustics putting a soggy blanket on the intelligibility of Bo Miller’s enthusiastic Lock Haven announcements. But this has now changed, thanks to the installation of Danley OS80 point-source loudspeakers and TH118 subwoofers, which deliver great phase-coherent intelligibility and tight pattern control.
“Admittedly, the poor intelligibility of my announcements was a big part of my desire to replace the nearly 25 year-old equipment that was present in the Thomas Fieldhouse gym,” says Bo Miller, who is also the director of information technology for LHU.
“Danley’s patented point-source designs offer far superior intelligibility to all the other options that are on the market,” said Tyler Hoffman, senior creative at Illuminated Integration the firm that installed the system for LHU and now stands behind it for support. Skip Welch, eastern regional sales manager at Danley Sound Labs and a veteran integrator, designed the system in collaboration with Miller. Hoffman continued, “The old system used numerous front-loaded drivers, coaxial and horn products. It produced a mash of phasing problems. The old system could go loud, but it wasn’t clear. Intelligibility was their big problem. Danley was the right choice.”
The gym has seating on one side of the court and at both end zones. Three Danley OS80 loudspeakers cover the sideline bleachers and two OS80s cover each of the two end zones. An eighth OS80 fires straight down to cover the court itself. Seven additional OS80s cover a warmup gym, and all of the loudspeakers are placed on zones so they can be turned on or off to accommodate different kinds of events - including graduation ceremonies and different size crowds. Three Danley TH118 subwoofers, one over each section of seating, complete the deployment. Two four-channel Danley DNA 10k4 Pro amplifiers with integrated 96kHz DSP power the system and provide custom presets for the OS80 loudspeakers and TH118 subwoofers.
Once it was installed, renowned acoustician and Danley engineer Doug Jones travelled to the site to tune the system for maximum intelligibility. Despite the gym’s tremendous reverb time and overall boominess, the Danley OS80s’ focused, phase-coherent audio measured at 0.7 STI with single zones turned on and 0.55 with the entire system engaged. Both measurements are a worst-case scenario because there were no bodies to absorb the down-firing sound. “We were worried that it might just turn into a huge echo chamber given how acoustically challenging the space is,” Miller says. “After all, we’re in a gym that’s really old. But initial testing has shown the design to be sound, and it works quite well.”
He continues: “I was also concerned that only having three Danley TH118 subwoofers in the venue wouldn’t give the low-end impact I was hoping for, but I have to say, the product and design very much exceeded my expectations. I knew that when I initially chose to go with a Danley system, I was choosing the industry leader in point-source speaker systems, and now I’m positive that I made the right choice. We’ve worked with Illuminated Technology in the past and they were a great installation partner on this job as well. I know Lock Haven University is a small school with a small venue, but realistically, I think we made a fairly large investment in the future of that venue. I know that it’s probably unusual that a public school of our size with this kind of venue would invest so heavily in a PA system, but if my initial impressions are correct, this investment will pay off for us for years to come.”

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