Danley reinforces Cary Alliance Church
Tuesday, 1 September 2020
caryalliancechurchCary Alliance
Caption: Cary Alliance Church currently occupies a 600-seat multi-purpose room
USA - The history of Cary Alliance Church in Cary, North Carolina stretches back to the 1970s, and the church has occupied a few different properties and worship spaces in that time. Although arguably not the “churchiest” of its locations, Cary Alliance Church currently occupies a 600-seat multipurpose room.
As the times have changed, so has Cary Alliance’s service style. Local AV integration firm AVCON recently designed and installed a Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system that supports a more-contemporary service style.
“Cary Alliance Church moved into their new building about 12 years ago, and AVCON provided the sound system,” explained Frank Yarborough, president and CEO of AVCON. “At the time, the church’s style was more traditional, and the sound system met their more modest needs. But they’ve certainly evolved with the rest of the world into a more contemporary, blended worship style. Whereas Cary Alliance’s services used to be more ‘piano-driven’ with a full choir every week, now they’re more ‘guitar-driven’ with a praise band every week. The choir only joins for special occasions. With a different mode of performance, they needed a higher level of audio fidelity and impact.
Yarborough notes, “Church sound is now compared with all of those other situations, and people have higher expectations. We’ve found that Danley’s technologies can reliably and affordably take churches to that next level. The people at Danley are fantastic, and we worked closely with Cooper [Hedden, southeast regional manager with Danley]. He produced a model of the proposed system that was useful in our conversations with the client. Importantly, he arranged a Danley demo at Cary Alliance so that they would feel completely comfortable with their decision.”
Cary Alliance Church now has straightforward exploded mono system driven by left- and right-positioned Danley SH69 full-range loudspeakers. Each is paired with a Danley SH95 for down-fill. A Danley DBH218 subwoofer hangs from the centre of the room to give Cary Alliance the kind of undistorted, big-impact low-end support that will help the band fully connect with the congregation.
A single four-channel Danley DNA 20k4 Pro amplifier powers the system, with onboard DSP and presets to optimise loudspeaker and subwoofer performance with modest conditioning. Strickland specified the Dante option on the DNA 20k4 Pro so that it can receive signal from the new Yamaha QL1 reliably in the digital domain.
“The new system sounds excellent,” Yarborough reports. “The intelligibility of spoken word and sung lyrics makes the entire service more effective, and the clarity and depth of musical reproduction is exactly what Cary Alliance’s new service style needed.”

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