DAP unveils portable PA/monitor speaker
Monday, 31 January 2022
portableThe battery-powered DAP PSS-106 is designed to be “a compact and versatile loudspeaker”
The Netherlands - DAP has added a new battery-powered portable sound system loudspeaker to their portfolio, the PSS-106. With its 6.5” woofer and 1” neodymium tweeter, it is intended as a compact, multi-orientation monitor or PA loudspeaker for personal entertainment, teaching systems and DJ use. It has a Bluetooth receiver, a USB/SD card media player, and inputs for mic, instrument, and line. The PSS-106 is available with or without a built-in wireless receiver and matching wireless handheld microphone.
The battery-powered DAP PSS-106 is designed to be a compact and versatile loudspeaker. It comes in two versions: with or without a built-in wireless microphone module. The version without wireless module can, however, easily be upgraded afterwards with the DAP WR-10 wireless receiver for PSS-106 and the DAP WM-10 handheld microphone for PSS-106.
The PSS-106 accepts a microphone or line signal on channel 1. Channel 2 can be switched from line to Hi-Z for direct instrument input. Both channels have gain, bass, and treble control. A reverb effect can be dialled in on both channels simultaneously. The auxiliary channel has a separate volume control and combines a mini-jack input with the Bluetooth receiver/media player module, which offers a USB-A connection, an SD card slot, and an additional mini jack input. The wireless microphone signal can be individually set using its independent volume pot. The master volume sets the overall output level.
The PSS-106 is equipped with a Li-ion battery that charges in five hours and lasts for an equal amount of time at full volume, while the average runtime is around eight hours, depending on the content. With its built-in two-channel, 100-WRMS class-D amplifier, it is capable of producing 110 dB SPL (1 m). It has several electronic protection circuits in place to ensure safe operation: a clip limiter, an overheat detection, and an overload detector. It is convection cooled, so there is no fan noise.
The cabinet is constructed from ABS, which makes it lightweight (5.9 kg) but sturdy. The steel grill is backed by foam and protects the coaxially mounted drivers effectively. Conveniently slanted sides allow for operation in several orientations. Two ‘hidden’ switches on the back and side detect if the speaker is positioned on a surface and adjust the frequency curve appropriately.
On the base, a 35-mm pole mount provides even more flexibility. On the top a recessed handle makes handling easy. The separately available DAP Transport Cover for PSS-106 has a storage compartment for power cables.

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