DAS Audio continues to suspend operations
Wednesday, 1 April 2020
dasDAS: ‘We will have time to reorganise our businesses and make plans together’
Spain - DAS Audio has said its operations will be suspended until 14 April due to law changes in Spain arising from the Covid-19 outbreak.
The company says in a statement:
“At DAS Audio, we would like to thank you for all the signs of affection and support you have shown us, which we would sincerely like to send back to you. Without you, our family, this dream that began in 1971 would make no sense - thank you very much. During this unsettling period, our family must stick together, and we want to be there for you, then, now and always.
“Two weeks ago, at DAS Audio headquarters, we started to take all of the necessary steps against Covid-19 following government recommendations. However, due to the latest measures adopted by the Spanish, we inform you that from 30 March we will continue to work remotely from our homes to support you when you need us.
“Our operations in Spain are suspended effective immediately from 30 March until 14 April - by law.
“At DAS Audio we have already adopted all the necessary measures so that our colleagues, distributors, suppliers and family can continue with their lives and agendas without putting your health and ours at risk. You can reach us by phone, email and video-call platforms, so we can keep in touch and share our passion for this industry.
“These are challenging times, but the priorities are clear. People are our number one priority. Our industry only makes sense if the people at the other end can listen, dance, sing, laugh, hug or feel. Now it´s time to take care of our loved ones, colleagues, and friends. Now our work begins by looking after each other.
“We will have time to reorganise our businesses and make plans together to overcome this extraordinary situation, you can count on it. We heartedly appreciate your strength, understanding and love for sound which, despite the distance, brings us together, lift us up and make us stronger than ever. Thanks.”

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