DAS Audio – ‘we will get through this together’
Wednesday, 8 April 2020
dasDAS – ‘We are determined to look ahead’
Spain - Valencia-based DAS Audio continues to operate aspects of its operation with staff, like so many in the industry, working remotely. The loudspeaker specialist says it is in a position to face industry shutdowns at least until the end of June.
“At DAS Audio we have already adopted all the necessary measures so that our colleagues, distributors, suppliers and family can continue with their lives and agendas without putting your health and ours at risk,” says the company. “You can reach us by phone, mail and video-call platforms, so we can keep in touch and share our passion for this industry.
“Given the current situation we are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, at DAS Audio, proud of our family-business spirit, we are determined to look ahead. Getting back to normal requires collective rather than individual action, so no one can be left behind.
“It is estimated that millions of workers around the world have been affected by work disruption since the coronavirus lockdown measures were introduced. However, at DAS Audio, a family-run business, we have ruled out implementing a redundancy programme for our more than 150 workers worldwide. The firm´s management team, chaired since its foundation in 1971 by Juan Alberola Calabuig, has announced that "we won´t lay off employees, we will get through this together".
“DAS Audio is in a position to face industry shutdowns due to the Covid-19 virus until at least 30 June, after which we will continue to take the necessary steps to protect the interests of our employees, collaborators, distributors and partners worldwide. The road to recovery will not be easy or immediate, but we will get there”.
“This is not the first time that DAS Audio had to face a challenging situation. Since our inception, we have gone through a shift from dictatorship to democracy, energy crises, monetary devaluations in all continents, unjustified and policy-driven appreciations of the Euro, a world financial crisis...and so forth. Throughout our almost 50 years of history we have managed to overcome adversity together with our distributors and employees. Now it won´t be any different.
“Our deep-rooted family business philosophy has always protected us against hardship, so our thoughts are naturally with the employees, distributors, and customers who face an uncertain future as a result of the current global health emergency.
“We made 2019 our most successful year thanks to the work and effort of all the people who are part of our business. Now our goal is to go even further, together as we have always done.”
(Jim Evans)

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