DiGiCo S21 in the mix for Fickle Friends
Tuesday, 14 November 2017
digicoBringing DiGiCo along for the ride has proven an essential ingredient in the band’s ongoing success
UK - Brighton-based band Fickle Friends is using a DiGiCo console on their current tour.
The band, who have been making waves across the UK since 2013, were signed by Polydor without even releasing a full-length album yet.
FOH engineer Calum Mordue of Patchwork London, who supplies the audio equipment for the tour, has been working with the band for the past 17 months and has picked the DiGiCo S21 console.
“I chose the S21 because of the compact size, channel count and processing power,” he says. “Being able to get 48 input channels across 16 stereo outputs from a console which is less than a meter wide is phenomenal. More importantly, it sounds like a DiGiGo; as good as a big boy SD7 The FX are great, too.”
Calum has really been able to put the S21 through its paces with Fickle Friends, as their requirements change from show to show.
“We run 35 pre-fade inputs across five stereo outputs. On the smaller shows, we use the S21 for FOH and monitors. At larger festivals, it’s used for monitors only. We also multi track each show; for both occasions where no sound check can be done and when we just have 10 minutes with the PA. The band also like to listen back for any mistakes to critique and improve.”
(Jim Evans)

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