dLive drives Yung Lean at O2 Academy
Friday, 21 December 2018
gustavbrunndlivec1500fohEngineer Gustav Brunn at FOH (photo: Jordan McLachlan)
UK - Swedish rapper Yung Lean has recently completed his biggest UK headline show to date - Wings of Desire at London’s O2 Academy in Brixton, accompanied by an Allen & Heath dLive Wings set-up.
The full audio set-up - owned by FOH engineer Gustav Brunn - is used for both FOH and Mon duties and features a dLive C1500 surface fitted with a Waves 3 card at FOH position in conjunction with a CDM32 MixRack, fitted with a Dante card, and an IP6 Controller at stage position.
Brunn comments: “I was looking for a fly-in rig that we can take anywhere in the world when A&H released the new dLive series. It’s such a competent rig and really suits my needs - I can bring it with me anywhere on the planet.”
On stage, a DJ performs alongside the artists using Ableton Live with the outputs sent to the CDM32 via Dante. The IP6 is used to allow the production / stage manager to make quick adjustments to the monitor mix, DJ mix and musicians IEM’s.
Brunn adds, “This summer I went back and forth between several tours with Dante and MADI card and I love the flexibility of I/O with all the option cards. Real estate-wise it’s tiny, but inside it’s a total chateau.”
Brunn also makes full use of dLive’s built-in EQ, FX, and DEEP preamps and compressors, commenting: “Everything from patching to changing the order of EQ and compression is easily accessible and easy to understand.”
(Jim Evans)

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