DMB back on the road with Robe
Friday, 9 November 2018
robe-dave-matthews-band-2018-wThe Dave Matthews Band back on the road
USA - The Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is on the road again in the USA promoting their latest album Come Tomorrow  with another visually provocative production design by Fenton Williams.
Fenton combined creative energies with Aaron Stinebrink from lighting rental specialist TMS - also the tour’s lighting vendor - on the lighting design, and the pair specified over 100 Robe fixtures to be at the heart of the show.
Forty MegaPointes, 48 x Spikies, 16 x BMFL WashBeams and 10 x BMFL Spots are helping to create the vibes for this highly successful tour.
Fenton has worked for DMB since 1991 taking on various job roles and has been the video and lighting designer / director for over 20 years. Aaron joined the team in 2003 and the two have worked together on lighting DMB’s dynamic and intricate live shows ever since.
(Jim Evans)

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