The installation includes Six-Track from Doughty Engineering
Ireland - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ireland (AC-ET Ireland) turned to Doughty Engineering when they were contracted by Dublin Business School (DBS) to deliver a new studio space to enhance its extensive suite of programmes. DBS has evolved over the years, expanding its offerings to meet the demands of various sectors, offering subjects in business, law, finance, computing, media, arts, psychology, and social science.
To create a modern studio with the latest technologies, AC-ET Ireland specified and supplied a number of leading technology brands for the project, including Six-Track from Doughty Engineering. “Once we knew that track and drapes were part of the client’s brief, it was a no brainer for us to specify Doughty products,” explained Aaron Cripps, AC-ET Ireland’s managing director.
“We know that Doughty kit is consistently reliable and that the team would help with the design of the track. For this state-of-the-art lighting studio, which is used for camera and lighting classes and also screenings, media workshops and industry guest speakers, we needed to fit a black out feature that could also function as a high-end screening room.
“One of the biggest challenges of the project was the availability of products – an all-too-common issue being faced across the industry. Access to the space was also tricky so Doughty advised changing the track from 3m to 1m to help with this as 1m lengths could be transported via lift. Doughty made these changes with minimum price impact and no delays to the project – small changes which made a huge difference to us,” continued Aaron.
The result is a proper multimedia environment that allows students at Dublin Business School to train using the latest industry standard equipment. Aaron said: “When you’re under pressure Doughty is always quick to respond, really on the ball, friendly and helpful. They reviewed all our drawings and specifications, and their technical knowledge is second to none. We have a very happy client which is the most important outcome of any project.”
DBS’ Matthew Nolan commented: “"Anyone who is acquainted with the film and lighting industry is aware that Doughty is a premiere company. The hardware they provided for our new media studio at DBS allows our students to operate within an industry standard environment and create work to a high standard. A large part of the appeal of working with Doughty is the sheer quality of the product. We know that our investment will offer us durability and useability for many years to come. This aligned with their peerless customer service made for a truly first-class client experience."

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