Doughty’s Space Saver Omega makes US debut
Tuesday, 14 November 2017
doughtyspace-saver-omegaThe Space Saver Omega will make its US debut at this year’s LDI Show in Las Vegas
USA - Doughty Engineering’s new Space Saver Omega will make its US debut at this year’s LDI Show in Las Vegas. The original Space Saver was launched in the US at LDI last year and quickly became one of Doughty’s hit products.
Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty said: "The original Space Saver was a really simple concept that we designed after considering how cumbersome a clamp can be to store and transport. The idea that it can be folded down and therefore easier to move from place to place, has really been a huge benefit to our customers. But we always see room for improvement and as such we've made a few tweaks to make the item even more user friendly.”
He continued: “The Omega version of the Space Saver sees one of Doughty’s Omega clamps permanently fitted to a lumiere with a hinge that locks into place. In the closed position, the lumiere can be put in its flight case neatly and easily without having to dismantle all the pieces, thus eliminating the chances that pieces are lost or mislaid when moving a lumiere from one location or venue to another. Not only is it a more ergonomic solution but it also speeds things up for the lighting technician who might find himself having to move lights into different locations on a rig or for the touring lighting professional for whom time is always of the essence.”
Doughty will also be demonstrating its Atom-G Clamp at this year’s show. The clamp which was released in 2016 has proven to be a big success for Doughty, with its customers revealing just how useful the design of this clamp is.
“It’s another of our products that started life as a one off but which soon made its way onto our list of standard kit,” explained Mark. “Visitors to the show should come and see the Atom-G and find out how the baby of our well-known Atom clamp family could work for them. We’ll also have copies of our famous Little Blue Book catalogue available on the stand which has been updated to include all current products.”
(Jim Evans)

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