Houston-based drummer Danny Patterson
USA - Based in Houston, drummer Danny Patterson plays a lot of gigs. Whether he’s playing in a local bar, out on tour, or in church, he depends on his Sensaphonics 3D AARO in-ears with Active Ambient technology.
“I just moved up to the 3D recently,” he notes. “In January, I made my first trip to the NAMM Show and stopped by the Sensaphonics booth. They gave me a demo of the 3D AARO, and I could tell immediately how many problems it could solve for me in the different bands I play in. The key for me was the Full Ambient switch, which completely eliminates having to take the in-ears out. I ordered them on the spot.”
Like countless other professional musicians, Patterson regularly works on several projects. “Last year, I played drums and percussion in 17 different bands, some regular, some one-offs, and the occasional tour,” he notes. “It forces me to adjust to a lot of different playing styles, which keeps me growing and improving all the time. It’s an approach based on the careers of a couple of drummers I really admire – Kenny Aronoff and Mark Schulman.”
“Every group is different. When I’m the only one wearing in-ears and using a click track, the 3D is ideal,” says Danny. “Before I had them, I would have to take out my in-ears between songs. Now I have Full Ambient mode, which totally puts an end to that. Just flip a switch on the bodypack and I’m good to go. It lets me stay focused on my playing.”
Another situation where Patterson finds the 3D AARO helpful is in loud venues without a separate monitor feed. “One club in particular is used to drummers wanting massive monitor volume, so they’ve got a huge subwoofer about two feet from my head,” he explains. “It’s so loud; I used to wear earplugs there. Now I just use my 3D AARO, but not connected to any kind of monitor input. Using it that way lets me actually turn down the entire room – kind of like earplugs with a volume control, but high fidelity. It’s a life saver.”
(Jim Evans)

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