E.V.E finds success with Wavefront Precision
Tuesday, 10 July 2018
the-holliesThe Hollies in action with the new WPC
Germany - The success of Martin Audio’s new Wavefront Precision series on a global scale shows little sign of abating.
Back in March, German rental company Event & Veranstaltungstechnik Enchelmaier (E.V.E.) boosted its inventory with the acquisition of a complete WPC system, along with SX218 and SX118 subwoofers - all powered by Martin Audio’s new iKON iK42 amplifiers.
Already a major user of Martin Audio’s premiere line array systems since 2003, E.V.E. owner Michael Enchelmaier said, “I wanted a newer, more modern system to complement my W8LC, W8LM and WS218X, and meet the demand for new systems. With the WPC we can cover audiences of up to 3,500 people, and with a combination of W8LC and W8LM I can extend that to 8,000-10,000 people.”
The system has already been out on a number of shows, including The Hollies, where E.V.E. flew two eight-element hangs of WPC - supported by a pair of SX218 subs, left and right - at both the Gewandhaus, Leipzig and Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin. They also deployed Martin Audio’s popular Differential Dispersion DD6’s for front-fills, CDD8 LIVE for near-fills, and their stalwart LE12JB stage monitors for foldback.
Enchelmaier confirmed that the PA certainly met the approval of the band’s production manager. “He was thrilled with the sound, the coverage and the way the system was set up in what were very complicated venues.”
Reviewing the new system, Michael Enchelmaier said, “Once the room has been accurately designed in the software, the setup of the system itself is much easier [than previous systems], and the result is perfect.
“In fact I’m thrilled with the new WPC; it sounds much more modern without losing its typical Martin Audio sound, which I like.”
He anticipates that his company will now be able to pitch for larger events as the system starts to find its way onto touring riders. “We are using the WPC system now for the more, higher quality gigs,” he says. “For instance we are about to supply Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist Steve van Zandt (Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul) in Cologne.”
(Jim Evans)

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