Elite Multimedia backs Nashville Knights
Thursday, 8 November 2018
knightsThe Nashville Municipal Auditorium
USA - As part of the LA-based Legends Football League, the Nashville Knights are a 7-on-7, tackle football team that incorporated into the league in 2018. Playing their inaugural season in the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, the Knights wanted to offer an in-game experience that would create a lasting connection with their fans.
Needing to supplement the production gear inside the multi-purpose event venue, the Knights worked with Elite Multimedia Productions who oversaw a complete game-day audio, video and lighting design.
“We try to design our in-game experience to be similar to what they do in the NFL to heighten the experience for our fans and provide a deeper connection to the action on the field,” says Candice Leisengang, operations manager. “When we started looking for production companies, we really needed someone who had the ability to do live audio, camera’s and video screens, plus we needed to implement an instant replay system. The Elite Multimedia team, led by Harry Shaub, was absolutely incredible and they really helped us walk through all the possibilities.”
“Our initial concept for the video portion of the production design was to have the screens hanging above the field, almost like a hockey rink,” says ToniAnn Santana. “As we started working with Elite Multimedia Productions, we decided to place the screens in the end zone so that everyone in the arena would be able to see the high-definition 4K video. Harry really took the time to educate us on the technical side, and it looked great.”
With the LED video displays in place, the remaining elements of the production design still needed to be brought into the action. Needing cameras, lighting and audio as well for the live, game-day atmosphere, a full production rig was created to complete and enhance the fiery environment inside the arena.
“When it came to the camera system, we needed the video to be able to work with the league cameras used for their broadcast, and also provide additional feeds for our live camera shot and the video playback for the instant replay,” explains Leisengang. “Additionally, the Nashville Municipal Auditorium has a pretty standard audio system, so we had to bring in supplemental gear to give us the sound quality we were looking for and provide PA for a live announcer.”
(Jim Evans)

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