ESTA reveals 2023 Board election results
Tuesday, 3 January 2023
hannah-damicoHannah R. D’Amico of IATSE has been elected as the new organisational director
USA - The results are in for the 2023 ESTA Board of Directors election. Incumbent Todd Spencer of Ventana Capital Investments will return as president, and incumbent Joe Aldridge will return as individual director. Hannah R. D’Amico of IATSE has been elected as the new organisational director. She will succeed Alan M. Rowe, who reached his term limit.
D’Amico first became involved with ESTA through her work with the IATSE Education and Training Department. Early in her career, she was assigned to work with members of the IATSE Craft Advancement Programme (ICAP) to develop new craft skills and safety trainings for IATSE workers. During her time with the ICAP, she was mentored by ESTA past-president Eddie Raymond; individual director, Joe Aldridge; outgoing organisational director, Alan Rowe; and ETCP Council member Kent Jorgensen, among many others. Last year she joined the ETCP Council.
Of her decision to run for, D’Amico remarked, “I decided to join the ESTA Board because I care deeply about the safety and health of workers in the entertainment industry. My career with the IATSE has focused on creating skills and safety training resources for people working in our industry, and I hope to continue this work with the ESTA Board of Directors.” D’Amico said she is looking forward to “meeting new people, working with current and future members of the Board, and ultimately, having a seat at the table to make positive change and propel the industry forward!”
Outgoing organisational director Rowe has been a member of the ESTA Board of Directors since 2017. He will continue his work as co-chair of the Technical Standards Council and the subject matter expert chair for electrical skills on the ETCP Council.

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