ETC releases Unison Paradigm 4.0
Wednesday, 14 March 2018
etcreleasesparadigm4A new look for ETC Paradigm
USA - ETC has released Unison Paradigm 4.0, the latest version of its lighting control system.
Paradigm 4.0 incorporates energy monitoring options, including Demand Response integration, improved support for tunable white and colour-changing fixtures, extended support for Paradigm Inspire stations, including faders, and many software optimisations to simplify the system’s programming and customisation.
Individual channels, groups of channels or whole spaces can be set to shed load when the system receives a demand response command from the utility company. Standard actions are defined in Paradigm and can be executed from contact closures, UDP, RS232, or BACnet.
Paradigm 4.0 also features reporting options to help keep track of energy usage. Load Schedule import and export functions make it easy to enter load information, and Paradigm’s software automatically calculates energy usage for all load types from any manufacturer.
The public face of Paradigm receives an update as well, with improved support for Paradigm Inspire stations as well as tunable-white and colour-changing fixtures. The stations were introduced in 2017 and now offer increased control options with button support for push, double tap, and hold functionality.
(Jim Evans)

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