Festival Sound add ARCS Focus to inventory
Monday, 22 October 2018
dwrPetru Palmer from Festival Sound (centre) with DWR’s Jaco Beukes, Chris Pugh, Richard Smith and Kyle Robson
South Africa - Festival Sound has invested in additional L-Acoustics equipment to enable them to service more clients and offer flexibility to events.
Petru Palmer, owner of the company, comments: “I purchased my first L-Acoustics system about four years ago. I initially bought two ARCS Wide, two SB18m and an LA4X amplified controller. I remember choosing the ARCS WiFo because it was the only system of its kind and did everything I needed in a PA System. It has been a great investment and I have only had positive results.”
Festival Sound has now purchased ARCS Focus from DWR Distribution, the local L-Acoustics agents. “The ARCS are so versatile that you can use them, pretty much, for anything,” Palmer explains. “I wanted to expand on the system I already have and support the rest of the L-Acoustics network users with more equipment options. As for the L-Acoustics network, it’s always great to know that any of the users have your back no matter what.”
“Petru is so well respected in the industry and it has been great to support him in his journey and watch him grow from strength to strength,” says DWR Distribution’s Richard Smith, who looks after L-Acoustics at the company. “We have many rental companies who ask about the bigger line source array systems, and it was refreshing to see how Petru saw early on that there is a place for the ARCS WiFo constant curvature system.”
(Jim Evans)

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