Firefly LED Festooning creates Gardens Magic
Monday, 13 July 2020
garden-magicThe Botanic Gardens are transformed into a wonderland of lights
New Zealand - Every year, Wellington’s Botanic Gardens is transformed into Gardens Magic featuring a free concert series with a mix of music from over 100 performers during 18 nights.
As the sun goes down, the Botanic Gardens transform into a wonderland of lights, with colourful installations and displays created by MJF Lighting.
This year, MJF Lighting deployed Firefly LED Festooning Lighting to add extra sparkle to the popular event.
“We did have some festoon lighting but it was the old school version so it was definitely time for an upgrade,” comments Blair McLaren, MJF’s Wellington operations manager. “Having festoon lighting with an outdoor rating plus LED technology makes all the difference.”
Blair added that an important factor when choosing Firefly LED Festoon was the fact that they didn’t have to lamp or de-lamp the strings of festoon which massively sped up install and bump out times.
The lighting designer for the event was Will Smith who comments, “The versatility Firefly offers is amazing,” he reports. “I can easily string it between two points knowing I won’t need to get a ladder to add bulbs, so you can add it to so many more places previously inaccessible. We had it set up with some splitters off the connectors we have which makes it a lot more versatile in terms of feeding power to the strings. We can send three strings off one centre point on the one power supply. That’s great for when you have limited power locations.”
For Gardens Magic, the Firefly LED Festooning was used in an area where many young families congregate creating a warm canopy over the lawn area. More Festooning was used to tie in the rest of the event to this area.

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