Floorbox takes Hesco hostile vehicle solution to events
Thursday, 10 August 2017
floorboxTerrablock is designed to be rapidly installed across diverse environments
UK -Floorbox has added Hesco TERRABLOCK products to its high security portfolio, delivering surface mounted barrier technology to the live events market.

TERRABLOCK® is the proven product of Hesco’s multi-million pound investment and rigorous testing. It stops a 15,000 lb truck travelling at up to 50mph in its tracks.

Available in a range of formats, TERRABLOCK® is a combination of an integrated vehicle barrier and a climb resistant weldmesh panel.

Flat-packed for delivery, TERRABLOCK® XL units are 1.2m high, 1.2m wide and 2.12m long. A trained crew can close off a 30ft wide carriageway with the system in just 40 minutes.

TERRABLOCK’s modular design means upgrades are simple in the event of a changing threat level.

John Davy, Floorbox Founder/Managing Director, comments: “Hesco’s primary focus is protecting NATO forces around the world, defending critical infrastructure. TERRABLOCK® has gone through such rigorous testing it’s the perfect means to protect the ingress and egress at football matches and live events at a time when any vehicle can be a weapon.”

Adam Wilding-Webb, Hesco’s Director of High Security, says: “Having successfully deployed our security barriers at the London 2012 Olympics, five-years of development has seen the system evolve in response to new challenges. It’s a unique solution, integrating earth-filled vehicle barriers and weldmesh panels.

“TERRABLOCK® is designed to be rapidly installed across diverse environments and through our relationship with Floorbox we can now supply the system to live events in response to an ever changing threat.”

TERRABLOCK® video: https://thefloorbox.com/pages/terrablock-crowd-protection-barriers

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