Focusrite Group to launch commercial audio brand
Wednesday, 17 March 2021
optimalaudio-logotype-blackThe new brand will be launched next month
UK - Focusrite Group is launching Optimal Audio, a commercial audio brand that will join a stable that also includes Focusrite and Focusrite Pro, Adam Audio, Martin Audio, Novation and Ampify.
The new brand will be introduced to the market on 20 April in a virtual event, for which interested parties can register here.
“It’s a rare privilege to create a brand from scratch,” comments Focusrite Group CEO, Tim Carroll. “The commercial audio sector has grown consistently over the years, and even during the pandemic has been more robust than many. We expect that momentum to accelerate in the coming months, so we feel that the timing is perfect for the introduction of Optimal Audio.”
He adds: “Taking a considered view of the commercial audio sector led us to conclude that it represents a maze of often overly complicated products that can be difficult to understand, install and operate. Optimal Audio will set out to do things differently, with a streamlined offering that is straightforward to install and simple to use.”
Carroll concludes: “Alongside its own dedicated staff, a number of colleagues from across the group - most notably within Martin Audio - are helping to bring Optimal Audio to fruition. In the long term, our ambition is that the brand will have its own distinct team.”

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