Focusrite Pro Podcast marks anniversary
Thursday, 18 June 2020
focusritepodcastnadja2019 AES President Nadja Wallaszkovits in conversation with Focusrite’s Dan Hughley and Ted White
USA - One year ago, Focusrite officially launched the Focusrite Pro Podcast. In the nearly 25 episodes that have been posted since the series’ inception, show host and producer Daniel Hughley (Focusrite marketing manager) has guided discussions offering insights into the technology behind current audio trends.
Topics have included Dolby Atmos and Audio-over-IP, podcasting basics, the future of the Audio Engineering Society, the production of Live from Darryl’s House, advice on evolving one’s career in audio and much more.
On the occasion of the one-year anniversary, Hughley is taking the opportunity to reflect on the show’s journey over the last 12 months. He notes: “The evolution of the Focusrite Pro Podcast is very close to my heart. We started with just a crazy idea to attempt to record a few episodes on a busy and noisy NAB tradeshow floor, and, like with most start-up podcasts, we weren’t sure that people would listen or if we would even be able to book guests.
We hit our stride around episode 7 or 8 when Ted White [Focusrite Pro global marketing manager] joined in as my full-time co-host. Ted has a very broad and technical studio background, and I’m more of a curious novice. Paired up, Ted and I have good chemistry on the mic, and I appreciate that Ted can talk to guests on a more technical level while I ask the big-picture questions. We’ve also hired a freelance editor, Bryan Entzminger, to take some of the workload off of myself, and Bryan has helped us tremendously.”
Hughley sums up the podcast’s journey since its launch: “Over the last year we’ve watched our listenership increase, and lately we’ve had guests come to us requesting to be on the show. Working on this podcast and working with podcasters are two of my favourite things that I do in my role at Focusrite. We have some great things in store for year two, and we look forward to sharing these future episodes with you.”
(Jim Evans)

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