The restaurant required a sound system that would work within the architecture (photo: Douglas Friedman)
USA - El Carlos Elegante is a Mexican and South American inspired restaurant in the Design District of Dallas, Texas. A creation of the successful Dallas-based Duro Hospitality Group, the eclectic venue consists of multiple dining areas and building materials. The front and back courtyards include retractable roofs creating indoor/outdoor seating. The restaurant required a sound system that would work within the architecture and style of the space and also withstand the extreme Texas weather in the outdoor dining areas.
Integrator NX A/V chose Fulcrum Acoustic speakers because of their form factor, sound quality and reliability. The small-footprint of the coaxial CX loudspeakers created a space-efficient design. Since all Fulcrum Acoustic speakers are-built-to-order, the customer was able to order unfinished boxes and custom stain them to match the space. They also appreciated the and architecturally unobtrusive wedge shape of the CX enclosures.
The customer wanted the sound to enhance the dining experience without being too loud. Ron Stanley, proprietor of NX A/V, said that the speakers “envelop the space with a rich sound while staying intelligible at a low volume”. With two outdoor patios spaces making up a significant portion of the dining areas, Fulcrum weather resistant speakers were deployed to withstand the Texas sun and heat.
Installers were surprised that the Fulcrum Acoustic system required almost no EQ adjustment during setup and were impressed with the sound quality and coverage. The customer is very happy with the system saying that it complements the style and energy of the room. While they keep the volume low during dining hours, they love to crank it after hours.

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