Gabisom expands Outline Newton inventory
Wednesday, 15 January 2020
eder-mouraGabisom Brazil head sound engineer Eder Moura
Brazil - São Paulo-based Gabisom Audio Equipment, one of the world’s largest audio hire companies, has made a major investment in Outline’s Newton FPGA processor.
Gabisom celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2019. Owner and founder Gabi Ferreira has steered the company through the many changes seen in his homeland since 1984, building a multi-disciplinary operation employing 300 people that works in concerts, musical theatre, corporate events, fixed installations, tours and sporting events. Amongst much else, Gabisom is the audio provider for all the various Rock in Rio events worldwide and for the fabulous Rio Carnival which attracts two million visitors daily.
Gabisom is also the go-to choice for international artists touring Brazil, whose productions rely absolutely on the company’s knowledge of their country and its challenges.
Gabisom’s senior system technician Eder Moura commented, “I love to use Newton because it is no trouble, we can now have the festival matrix desks plus the festival desk with videos, DI and MCs without problems, we don’t need worry about clocking issues. Also, 16 outs with tons of processing power is amazing and last but not the least the Smaart integration is amazing.”
Moura continued, “Newton is the way to go now in the digital world, in a single rack space unit we can do a lot. We use our Newtons as system management, summing desks on festivals and output control for the system, linked via Dante to feed delay towers. Also, Newtons solve the clock sync issue when combining with different digital audio sources - that’s the best thing in the world! Also the EQs are so precise and smooth with their phase response.
“We recently supplied a 360º stadium show for a corporate event, feeding AES out for eight hangs of Martin MLA with MLX subs and MLA Compacts as front-fill. For the delays on the upper level we connected a second Newton via Dante and sent another four outputs via Dante for 12 hangs of L-Acoustics K2. Elsewhere at Shawn Mendes’ concert we had the Newton receiving L/R, sub and front-fills from their system and matrixing the signal for 270º stadium hangs of Martin MLA, MLX subs and MLA Compacts for front-fill, plus seven hangs of L-Acoustics K2 hung on the stadium roof doing the upper levels, again fed via Dante from the Newton.
“At Rockfest we used the Newton to matrix in LR from four desks plus Sub and Front, some on AES, some via analogue, plus the festival desk with video and MCs in on the Aux input. The Newton AES outputs fed the d&b DS10 to drive the GSL main system and out-fills with SL subs and Vs as front-fills plus four delay towers of ten d&b Js each.”
Gabisom’s latest investment comes shortly after Outline appointed São Paulo-based Audio Systems as its Brazilian distributor. Outline’s business development manager Fernando Rey Méndez comments: “This important new order was achieved thanks to Audio Systems’ excellent reputation and professional on-site support. Their commercial and logistical expertise is of significant value in our relationship with Gabisom.”
(Jim Evans)

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