Genelec opens Berlin Experience Centre
Tuesday, 29 October 2019
berlin-pressimageAt the heart of the centre is a 27sq.m listening room
Germany - Genelec has opened an Experience Centre in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz.
The new demonstration facility features a 27sq.m ‘listening room’ and allows the company to showcase its range of studio monitors and AV and home audio loudspeakers.
This is Genelec’s third Experience Centre, joining existing facilities in London and Bangalore. It will be overseen by Genelec’s regional business development manager, Eric Horstmann.
“We’ve set out to create the perfect independent listening environment for end-users,” comments Horstmann, “and Genelec resellers in both Germany and the surrounding regions, so whether it’s for demonstrations, training, regional launches or special events, the Berlin Experience Centre will become a major hub for Genelec activity in mainland Europe - and will support the efforts of our distributors and resellers in a very premium way. Having so many models on demonstration in one prime location, is sure to make the Centre a regional magnet for discerning listeners across all market segments.”
The Experience Centre is the result of a close collaboration between Genelec and, a company jointly owned by architect and studio designer Benjamin Koziczinski and acoustic designer Karlheinz Stegmaier. was responsible for overseeing the extensive refurbishment and acoustic treatment of the entire building, resulting in premium quality listening spaces designed specifically around Genelec loudspeaker systems.
At the heart of the centre is a 27sq.m listening room equipped with a Genelec 7.1.4 immersive audio system featuring The Ones coaxial point source studio monitors - with the new flagship 8361A in the LCR positions, the 8341A as surrounds, the 8331A in the height locations plus a pair of 7370A subwoofers handling the low frequency content. Genelec’s own GLM software was then used to configure and fine tune the calibration of each monitor within the space for optimal in-room performance.
Visitors can also audition the entire The Ones family in stereo, from the ultra-nearfield 8331A to a full-range system comprising the 8361A and complementary W371A adaptive woofer system, demonstrating how The Ones are now able to bring uncompromised precision listening to a much wider range of room sizes, listening distances and SPL requirements. The listening room also allows other Genelec models to be auditioned on request, and the system there supports a wide range of playback formats including Pro Tools, Blu-ray, Apple TV, Netflix and major streaming providers including Spotify and Tidal.
Other spaces within the Experience Centre are designed to showcase Genelec home audio and AV models, including a 5.1 conference room system built around special RAL-coloured 4030C installation speakers, a kitchen area utilising AIW25 in-wall architectural models, and office and bathroom spaces fitted with various 8300 series two-way smart active speakers.
(Jim Evans)

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