Genesis Producciones chooses Robe
Thursday, 28 March 2019
robe-genesis-producciones-team-gen202217265The Genesis Producciones team: Felipe Sierra, Alexis Días, Juan David Palacios, Juan David Tobon (owner) and Johan Rivera (photo: Louise Stickland)
Columbia - Medellin-based rental company Genesis Producciones is owned and run by Juan David and has just moved into new warehouse premises in the south of the city.
It’s in one of the industrial areas with lots of space - for future expansion - and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. It’s a move that takes Genesis to a new level of operation. Also upping the game, two years ago Juan and his team decided to start investing in Robe.
This was shortly after AVcom Colombia was appointed as the country’s distributor, and it was a decisive move with 48 Spiiders making up the first purchase, followed this year with 48 MegaPointes.
Juan decided to go with Robe for two major reasons. The first was that from about 2 years ago, the brand started appearing so regularly on band and artist riders that it was not possible to ignore.
The second one was that he knew the tech support and backup he’d receive from AVcom would be second to none as he’d already been a client of theirs for some time for other brands and audio kit. “It needs both these aspects to be right - the brand / hardware on one hand, and also the support and service on the other,” he explains.
Around 70% of Genesis’ work is in the live music sector, with the other 30% being corporate and industrial events. They have provided production for a string of international artists visiting Colombia recently, including Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Green Day and Roger Waters, and all of them have accepted their MegaPointes and Spiiders.
“I’d always known of Robe as a brand,” says Juan, “but for me it’s been the last three years that there’s been noticeably more Robe on all the tech specs. As a rental company, we have to respond to that and ensure we can offer what people want.”
There are now 40 people working full time at Genesis and Juan keeps a keen eye on the latest technology developments across all the divisions. They have also invested in d&b audiotechnik on the sound side, another premium brand which has been solid and helped their kudos grow.
(Jim Evans)

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