GLS Lighting invests in Elation
Wednesday, 11 March 2020
GLS Lighting is celebrating 25 years in the entertainment industry
UK - GLS Lighting, based in Southampton, is celebrating 25 years of offering lighting solutions to all walks of the entertainment industry. Recently, GLS invested in Elation Professional Artiste Picasso LED profile moving heads, along with multifunctional Paladin Panel lights.
“Elation is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting brands out there today. They are charging to the front now, bringing products that are head and shoulders above the rest,” stated Ian Turner, one of two founding directors at GLS. “Everyone has been waiting for a product to do what Picasso does. We all need a bright workhorse spot fixture, LED, good framing blades, bright and crystal-sharp optics – simple! The noise level is also important, and the Picasso is so quiet.”
GLS worked with Elation's distribution partner in the UK and Ireland, Entedi, to evaluate and demo the Elation products. Turner has worked closely with Entedi managing director Cally Bacchus for years. “Cally understands the business we are all in,” Turner says. “He isn’t just a box shifter; he understands and cares about what we all need from a supplier. The world is very reactive these days, very last minute, and we need suppliers to be able to help us keep up. Entedi have some great brands already in their portfolio and Elation was an exciting addition.”
GLS has built a reputation for quality and dependability over the years, offering complete systems to handle all aspects of show lighting be it an arena concert, music festival, wedding or awards dinner. “We provide a lot of architectural lighting during the average year – from stately homes at corporate events, to ice rinks, to trees at festivals – the range is huge,” Turner states. “Our new Elation products have already lit a castle, a ship, some ice rinks and even one of the royal houses.”
Included in the purchase is a stock of Paladin Panels, Elation’s versatile IP65-rated wash/blinder/strobe light. “I was very impressed when I first saw this product,” comments Turner. “With Paladin-style products it’s about brightness first and foremost and that brightness is huge. It has a good range of colours, pastels and deep saturates, but they can also handle skin tones, which is important as these products get used everywhere.”
(Jim Evans)

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