The Ayrton Domino Profile, Domino LT and Cobra fixtures were supplied to HiLights Group by Procom Middle East
Egypt - HiLights Group has invested in a large shipment of Ayrton fixtures, comprising Ayrton Domino Profile, Domino LT and Cobra fixtures, purchased both for stock and specific projects in the region.
“By acquiring a significant quantity of Ayrton fixtures, HiLights aims to expand its inventory and be prepared to fulfil a wide variety of project requirements,” says Hamed Arafa, founder and chairman of HiLights. “Additionally, having these fixtures readily available in stock allows us to promptly meet the demands of our clients and provide timely solutions.”
Established over 30 years ago, HiLights Group is a leading full events solutions company operating in the MENA and GCC regions. Specialising in the delivery of comprehensive services encompassing concept designing, production, and lighting solutions for mega and iconic events, HiLights has established strong partnerships with various stakeholders, including governmental organisations, event agencies, venues, and media animation hubs.
Its experienced team of creative professionals, designers, and technical experts have a deep understanding of the entertainment industry and work collaboratively to provide innovative and integrated solutions that meet the unique requirements of each event, leveraging the latest technologies and equipment to bring the best results.
The consignment of Ayrton fixtures mark HiLights’ first investment in Ayrton products which they were attracted to by Ayrton’s reputation for innovative and cutting-edge lighting solutions. “Ayrton stands out in the market due to its commitment to developing new technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible in the lighting industry,” says Arafa. “Crucial to HiLights’ decision were the superior quality and advanced features of Ayrton's fixtures which not only showcased the latest technology but also addressed our specific needs. We found Ayrton products to be unique, offering capabilities that were not readily available from other manufacturers.
“Furthermore, Procom’s sales team demonstrated exceptional support throughout the evaluation and procurement process and we value the comprehensive after-sales services they provide. That commitment to customer satisfaction and ongoing support offered by Ayrton ensures that HiLights will receive the necessary support, maintenance, and technical assistance after the products are implemented, and was an additional vital factor in choosing Ayrton.”
HiLights’ new Ayrton fixtures are to be deployed in its busy programme of mega events across the region where they will prove invaluable. “Moving forward, our strategic plan is to expand our stock of Ayrton fixtures because we recognise the potential and value they bring to our portfolio, particularly for iconic projects and mega outdoor events,” says Arafa. “By increasing our Ayrton fixture inventory, we can meet the growing market demand and provide our clients with a wider range of options.
“The events industry demands lighting fixtures that possess not only power but also durability. Ayrton's equipment, equipped with laser sources and LEDs, offers powerful lighting capabilities and robust construction for enhanced durability and resilience, making them highly suitable for outdoor applications. These fixtures are engineered to be extremely resistant to adverse outdoor weather conditions ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.
“We strongly believe that Ayrton's lighting solutions are highly suitable for HiLights as an events solution company. They provide exceptional lighting solutions for a variety of events, including international festivals, stadiums, and outdoor mega events.”
The Ayrton Domino Profile, Domino LT and Cobra fixtures were supplied to HiLights Group by Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for the region, Procom Middle East. “We recognise Procom as the largest supplier for HiLights Group and have been highly impressed with their exceptional service and after-sales support,” concludes Arafa. “Their expertise and commitment to providing quality products and services have been invaluable to our business. We are extremely pleased with their level of professionalism, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction.”

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