Hooke Audio Verse arrives in Europe
Friday, 4 October 2019
verseHooke Verse is now available in Europe via distributor Mega Audio
Germany - Hooke Audio Verse is a binaural recording device comprising a microphone/headset combination and a dedicated app. 3D audio is recorded wirelessly, via Bluetooth at 16-bit 48 KHz, or wired, using the included adaptor. The system is compatible with Android, iPhone, Go Pro, Field Recorders, DSLRs and Computers and has a continuous-record battery-life of nine hours. A proprietary codec delivers almost zero latency - 4.3 microseconds - so any associated video is in perfect sync.
Hooke Verse has been available in the USA for two years and has established an extensive customer base of musicians, podcasters, vloggers, producers and sound engineers. Grammy-winning producer Tchad Blake and System of a Down’s Serj Tankian are among its advocates. Now Hooke Verse is available in Europe via distributor Mega Audio.
Burkhard Elsner, CEO at Mega Audio, comments: “I first experienced Hooke Audio Verse at Winter NAMM and was really impressed with the sound - both wired and wireless. It works with a wide variety of recording media and is very affordable. There is already a large and talented Hooke Verse community out there, sharing 3D audio experiences online. Please do check-out the links on the Hooke Audio website”.”
(Jim Evans)

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