Infinity keeps Smeerboel Festival cool
Tuesday, 14 November 2023
smeerboelThe Smeerboel Festival entertained the crowds on a hot Saturday in early September
The Netherlands - On 9 September 2023 the Smeerboel Festival took place at the Grasweide Papendorp in Utrecht. Around 18,000 house and dance fans and other festival goers enjoyed the tunes of numerous DJs and acts. On different stages, equipment supplier Stagelight provided Infinity and Showtec fixtures to bring the performances to their peak.
The Smeerboel Festival entertained the crowds on a hot Saturday in early September with famous acts and DJs on six stages. For the Joy' and 'Basis stages, Stagelight supplied a whopping 178 Infinity iB-2R moving heads, 13 Furion S401 Spot moving heads and 59 Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 wash lights, which were also used as strobes.
Tom van den Burg from T.Y.S Productions was responsible for operating the Joy stage. Seventy iB-2R moving heads acted as a ceiling of light, accentuating the distinctive look of the transparent tent covering the stage and audience, their powerful, razor-sharp beams piercing the area and creating a vibrant atmosphere with deep, punchy colours and an army of effects.
Despite the blistering sun, the extraordinary temperatures and the greenhouse effect of the tent, the iB-2R moving heads remained operational and continued to shine powerfully and without hesitation. None failed, a testament to their robustness and reliability. And as dusk fell and the sunlight faded, the effect of the iB-2Rs was enhanced, providing a stunningly beautiful experience for the entire party crowd.
The backdrop for the Joy stage was an old asphalt factory and T.Y.S Productions used 18 Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 wash fixtures to illuminate and accentuate the prominent building in the background, making it part of the set. The powerful washers added to the ambience and created dramatic backdrops in combination with the industrial look of the facility, especially after dark.
Things were different in the Basis tent. The lighting was set up to create an embossed effect from the stage all the way to the entrance of the tent. This effect was enhanced by the way the 108 iB-2Rs were positioned. Arranged in six rows from front to back, they enhanced the depth effect of the lighting set-up, linking the front and back of the venue and unifying the whole area. In addition, tunnel and depth effects were created by Kenneth Brouns from T.Y.S Productions, who was operating the Basis stage that day.
With their powerful colour LEDs, 41 Helix S5000 Q4 washers scored a hit when they doubled as strobe lights. For stage backlighting, 13 Infinity Furion S401 Spot moving heads provided the necessary oomph to create the desired lighting effects.

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