InfoComm 2019: PWS debuts conversion system
Tuesday, 11 June 2019
przm-1-mainPRZM facilitates the remote placement of wireless audio antennas beyond 200ft
USA - Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems has announced that the PRZM RF over fibre (RFoF) conversion system and Alpha Quad-4 and Alpha Quad-8 units will make their InfoComm debut in Orlando this week.
PRZM, designed to facilitate the remote placement of wireless audio antennas beyond 200ft, is ideal for live production as well as installed sound applications. As it is controlled via software, it allows the user to easily monitor status and adjust attenuation.
“As the RF available for production purposes continues to shrink, it becomes more important than ever to be able to create remote antenna systems that can cover large areas,” says Jimmy Van Winkle, general manager for Professional Wireless Systems. “The conversion and subsequent distribution of RF over fibre ensures that the signal is pure with no degradation of quality in order to have a seamless production.”
The Alpha Quad-4 and Quad-8 are intended for use with multiple Shure Axient AD4Q receivers in Quadversity mode. The units provide four individual unity-gain signals (A, B, C, D) to up to four quad receivers (eight with the Quad-8), with RF filtering at 470-616 MHz. Power is supplied to the units with either the main or the Aux inputs. Redundant power is provided by utilising both main and aux inputs.
(Jim Evans)

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