Ingang Audio to distribute Optocore and BroaMan
Tuesday, 25 January 2022
steve-kim-0121Ingang Audio CEO, Steve Kim, in front of the company’s logo wall
South Korea - Seoul-based Ingang Audio Co has been appointed as the South Korean distributor for Optocore and BroaMan with immediate effect.
Established in 2006 under president Joo Hong Chang and CEO Steve Kim, Ingang Audio has built a portfolio of global pro audio brands, including Meyer Sound, Calrec, Countryman, Samson and Lectrosonics.
Both Chang and technical director, Eric Han had known Optocore and BroaMan for many years and the latter has received Optocore training. The company had also developed a good relationship with Optocore distribution sales manager, Dawid Somló and the tech team during earlier project development.
“Ingang had been talking with us for long time,” explains Somló. “They are an excellent pro audio company with a good infrastructure. They are keen to develop their portfolio with our video transporting systems and also add them to their audio projects.”
Ingang Audio Co’s senior marketing manager, Jake Min, adds, “Having Optocore and BroaMan [in our portfolio] is like securing a backbone for our brands. We now have optical paths for sending and receiving audio/video/intercom and some control signals. Also, it enables us to make an optical connection between loudspeaker, processor and console, replacing the existing cables.”
As for BroaMan, they hope to expand the brand’s outreach beyond broadcast into theatre, although Min estimates that with the impact of COVID-19, the broadcast segment will lead the way rather than live events.
To that end they already have a project lined up, with two sets of Optocore M12 OPT/BNC MADI switches being installed in a large broadcast hall, for splitting and sending MADI signals to several consoles for PA, broadcast and stage monitoring.
Summing up, Jake Min observes, “Now, we will be able to send various signals via Optocore connection to far away distances using a light weight solution. Secondly, Optocore and BroaMan have reliable redundancy such as dual power as well as dual connection. And with a decentralised network they can support various network topologies. In short, they are a very experienced brand that we firmly believe in.”

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