Intralite adds MegaPointes & Spiiders
Wednesday, 21 February 2018
robe-intralite-slovenia-int041056083Intralite’s Ales Pirman (left) with Dean Karov from MK Light Sound (photo: Louise Stickland)
Slovenia - Slovenian rental company Intralite has become one of the first companies in the country to invest in MegaPointes, having purchased 12 units from distributor MK Light Sound.
In the last 18 months Intralite has also invested in a total of 24 Spiiders as well as MMX WashBeams, all of which have been added to their existing Robe rental stock.
The launch of the MegaPointe was great timing for Intralite as Ales was looking for some multi-purpose fixtures to cover the diversity of events they service. He attended the demo staged by MK Light Sound for the new light and placed his order shortly afterwards.
“I needed a hybrid that I could use in any location and for any type of event – a wide application fixture is important for smaller markets like Slovenia, (the total population is just over 2 million) and this can be a beam, a spot or a wash, and is also great for concerts and music shows,” he stated.
He recently used the new MegaPointes and around 150 other Robe fixtures across two sites on a massive event for the Petrol Group corporation at Ljubljana’s Gospodarsko Razstavišče Sejem.
They were also encouraged when Slovenia’s largest rental company Event Lighting committed to buying Spiiders, knowing there would also be good cross-rental opportunities, and this same pattern also applied to the MegaPointes.
The first gig for the first batch of Spiiders was Croatian rockers Prljavo Kazalište. LD Sven Kučinić originally had LEDWash 600s on the spec, and was very happy to use Spiiders. Ales himself likes the power and punch of the fixture along with the nice fat beam.
The MMX WashBeams were chosen as a good all-round multi-purpose fixture, and now, with the MegaPointes on-board, these will be a great compliment and another option for creating spot, wash or beam looks.
(Jim Evans)

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