Iron Maiden’s Harris trusts Electro-Voice EVM-12L speakers
Wednesday, 25 October 2023
steveharrisIron Maiden’s bassist Steve Harris is an Electro-Voice fan (Photo: John McMurtrie)
Germany - Electro-Voice has received a glowing endorsement from Steve Harris, the bassist, founder and band leader of Iron Maiden - one of the most influential and enduringly popular bands in heavy metal, with sales over 70 million albums worldwide. Renowned for their stunning live shows, the band’s The Future Past Tour 2023 recently wrapped on 6th October, and saw stadiums packed with a new generation of fans alongside seasoned metalheads.
Harris’s signature sound and fast-fingerstyle technique have made him one of the most instantly recognisable bassist in heavy metal - as noted by Loudwire magazine, which named him the best hard rock and metal bassist of all time.
The relationship with Electro-Voice cements the long-standing trust that Harris has placed in his EV-equipped rig, solidifying a shared commitment to uncompromising audio quality that stretches over the decades to the early years of his career.
Reflecting on his first encounter with Electro-Voice, Harris says: “Even before the early days of Iron Maiden, I experimented with a variety of speaker models and different configurations, ranging from 10", 12" and 15" for my bass cabinets. Upon my initial experience with the EVM-12L, I was instantly struck by the crisp, powerful sound and knew immediately that it was the right fit for me."
Electro-Voice adds: “The EVM12L’s high-performance, heavy-duty design sets it apart from any other guitar/bass speaker ever made - renowned for huge tone and incredible stability at extreme volumes, the speaker has been a go-to for serious musicians since its introduction in 1983. The story continued on this latest tour, with Steve’s 4x12 Marshall cabinets loaded with fresh 12” EVM-12L Black Label speakers. They performed without a flaw and proved once more that they are the best fit, ensuring fans experience the full effect of his iconic low-end delivery.”

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