ISCEx 2020 to take place as scheduled
Monday, 16 March 2020
isce-logoThe event is set to take place on 17-18 March
UK - ISCEx 2020 (Coombe Abbey Hotel, 17-18 March) is to take place as scheduled this week, with certain modifications to the event schedule and social programme.
“Following the government’s recent announcement, we have made some updates to our coronavirus (Covid-19) statement in relation to ISCEx 2020 and the additional steps we are taking, which is published on our website,” says show organiser ISCE. “As a further measure, and in consultation with the catering team at Coombe Abbey, we have amended the networking dinner arrangements to allow for guests to enjoy a fine meal with drinks with an option to either stay at the dining tables or return to a more private area if they prefer. We will also be changing the usual self-serve buffet to serving a selection of individual hot food bowls for the lunch during the exhibition.
“As we write, there are currently more than 30+ manufacturers committed to attend and provide an outstanding opportunity for a relaxed, informal event and some thought-provoking seminars. We are continuing to closely monitor the developments and advice from the UK government, Public Health England, the NHS and the World Health Organisation. We are focused on maintaining normality where possible - as kneejerk reactions tend not to be helpful.
“This is clearly a fast-moving situation and the government will need to make some challenging decisions that are proportionate to the risks.
“We particularly ask that anyone planning to attend ISCEx 2020 that believes they may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, or who is not feeling well, are asked to refrain from joining us for the safety of other attendees. Also anyone who considers themselves to be at high risk to serious illness, should also take responsible measures. We will send email communications to registered event participants with any pertinent updates leading up to the event.”
The event venue, Coombe Abbey Hotel, states: “The welfare of our guests and staff is of utmost importance, and we have implemented measures as recommended by Public Health England to minimise the impact of the virus on site.”
(Jim Evans)

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