ISE 2024: Elation ‘blends art with innovation’
Wednesday, 17 January 2024
elation--ise-2024Elation plans major product launches
Spain - Elation will feature a line-up of integration lighting solutions that ‘blend art and innovation’.
Highlights in the Proteus series of multi-environmental luminaires include the IP66-rated Proteus Hybrid Max, a hybrid fixture with pioneering technology that launches as the torchbearing successor of the Proteus Hybrid.
New in Elation’s popular Fuze series is the Fuze Teatro, a fully-automated yet fanless framing fixture for completely silent operation and the first fanless automated luminaire incorporating an additive colour engine.
New luminaires in the sought-after KL ‘Key Light’ series will also highlight, including the KL CYC cyclorama/set/wall wash along with the all-in-one KL SPOT IP, a fully automated static ellipsoidal fixture with zoom.
Not only will Elation be highlighting new solutions in its popular Proteus, Fuze and KL series, visitors to ISE will be the first in Europe to preview five new series of products designed ‘to kindle the creative spirit in any venue’ - Six+ Par, Six+ Bar, Sol I Blinder, Pulse Bar and Limelight Par.

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