ISE 2024: Powersoft expands cloud platform
Tuesday, 16 January 2024
powersoftVerso is a half-RU device designed to enable access to the MyUniverso cloud platform
Spain - Powersoft will introduce Verso, a gateway device designed to connect current Powersoft products to its MyUniverso cloud platform, at ISE 2024.
ISE attendees have the opportunity to find out how the Verso gateway helps system integrators and IT managers take full advantage of MyUniverso cloud platform. Formerly known as Universo, MyUniverso has now merged into MyPowersoft, ensuring that all users with MyPowersoft accounts can access the cloud platform.
Verso is a half-RU device designed to enable access to the MyUniverso cloud platform and all its related functionalities for the entire current Powersoft amplifier portfolio, allowing monitoring and centralised remote firmware updates for all connected amplifiers, as well as supporting Powersoft’s popular Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) solution.
Verso also incorporates the Easy Swap procedure, introduced as part of Unica’s features at ISE 2023, making it simple and convenient to address any service outage swiftly, in the rare event of a malfunction. The gateway device is compatible with third-party cloud platforms, providing users access to baseline cloud project backend information. Additionally, through Verso it is possible to access MyUniverso’s remote firmware update functionality, minimising the need for repeated trips to installation sites.
Powersoft will also showcase the new lower-power Unica 1K8 and Unica 5K4, designed for smaller applications. Further, the entire Unica Series now benefits from the addition of Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) functionalities, previously exclusive only to Mezzo.
In keeping with Powersoft’s commitment to minimise its impact on the environment, ISE attendees will be welcomed to a stand built with reusable and eco-friendly materials including wood and glass.
“We are looking forward to presenting Verso and the new Unica models at this year’s ISE. Last year’s edition of ISE saw us unveil the Unica Series, which is the most efficient and highest-performing amplifier we have released to date. With the launch of the two new low-power models of Unica and the addition of DMD features extending background music capabilities, we are pursuing the goal of offering a platform able to meet different install design requirements,” says Luca Giorgi, Powersoft’s sales director.
“At Powersoft, our vision has always been to lead by innovation and energy efficiency. With the introduction of the new Verso gateway, we extend an opportunity for our customers to further harness the remote management and monitoring capabilities provided by the MyUniverso Cloud platform, this grants service continuity and consequent peace of mind, which results in less trips to the sites and waste of time.
“Expanding cloud functionality to other Powersoft products ensures more intuitive and efficient remote management of installations, and ultimately reduces the impact on the carbon footprint of the industry.”

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