Jacob Dinesen plays arena shows with Robe
Wednesday, 13 June 2018
robe-jacob-dinesen-jac272015540Jacob Dinesen played spectacular arena shows in Aabenraa and Copenhagen (photo: Louise Stickland)
Denmark - Young Danish singer, guitarist and chart-topping rising star Jacob Dinesen played two spectacular arena shows to kick off his 2018 summer tour, one in his home region of Aabenraa and one in Copenhagen, with Robe MegaPointes and Spiiders prominent on the rig.
Lighting for these two shows was a completely new design, also programmed and operated by LD Niller Bjerrgaard.
Niller had only just joined the Dinesen production team for these shows after being recommended by FOH sound engineer Mad Mikkelsen – the two also work for high profile DK heavy metal heroes Volbeat.
Niller took on the Dinesen project with a skeleton design already in place created by Jacob Beckman. He discussed this with the band and their production manager Jonathan Koch, added in some of his own ideas and the resulting rig and brief was to create a big expressive rock rig, which was perfect for Niller’s current visual mind-set!
“I wanted the style and feel of the show to be a bit raw and improvisational, so I constructed the lightshow using a combination of cue lists and live busking pages which enabled me to combine the two MOs,” explained Niller.
Some of the 30 x MegaPointes and 20 x Spiiders at the centre of the rig were actually already specified by Jacob Beckman, however when Niller took over the project, he added some extra fixtures and was very happy to work with both of these Robe products for the first time.
The MegaPointes and Spiiders were purchased new for the tour by rental company Vigso.
Niller operated these shows in Aabenraa Arena and Copenhagen Forum using his own ChamSys MQ500 Stadium console. He worked alongside lighting crew chief Martin Jepsen and Niels Stenger from Vigso.
(Jim Evans)

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