The Urban Garden room in Eindhoven
The Netherlands - Prolights' Jet Wash7 illuminated the Urban Garden room of the Vibes complex in Eindhoven. From a sports centre to a location for corporate and private events, Vibes is a concept location based on technology, innovation, knowledge and design and unfolds in various multifunctional rooms designed to host any type of event.
The Vibes team turned to Hoevenaars for the lighting of the Urban Garden room, a modern space based on the aesthetics of the urban jungle, with a surface area of 360m2 the room can accommodate up to 700 people, meeting the needs of events other than corporate ones, including live music.
For the lighting setup, the room was fully equipped with a selection of 16 Prolights Jet Wash7s, supplied by Full AVL, Prolights distributor in the Netherlands.
“We chose the Prolights Jet Wash7 for their versatility and adaptability" explained the Hoevenaars team. “We needed lighting that could respond to the different event options provided by Vibes but at the same time act as ambient lighting for the room and that it was compact enough not to stand out in the modern design decorations of the Urban Garden room.”

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