Keelan Donovan on the road with Bose array
Wednesday, 14 August 2019
keelandonovanKeelan Donovan performing with his Bose L1 Model II portable line array system
USA - Singer-songwriter Keelan Donovan, originally from Maine and now based in Nashville and Austin, knows the road. “After I graduated Belmont University, I knew I wanted to tour. So, from 2015-16 I was playing around 200 shows a year out on the road. Anywhere, for anyone, any time - I would book the shows myself and just play, play, play. I was trying to get my name out there, but I was also learning more about my music and performing every day.”
The things he learned during those intensely busy years helped him focus in on his performance style and learn to recognise the tools that make performers sound their best – and now a key piece of his successful performing regimen is the L1 Model II portable line array system from Bose that he travels with and uses at many of his gigs, including house concerts and smaller venues.
“At this point, I almost think of the L1 as a traveling companion and a partner,” he notes. “As I was playing that intensive schedule of 200 or more dates a few years ago, lots of the venues and house concerts had these Bose L1 systems, and they were just remarkable, and I knew that the time would come when I needed my own L1. When we were planning my current house concert tour, I didn’t even have any other P.A. in mind.”
As Donovan hit Dallas in May, he was able to experience a much larger Bose Professional system. “I played the House of Blues in Dallas as an opener, and they have a Bose ShowMatch system installed there, which is a bigger system for larger venues. That was one of my favourite shows in a long time,” he notes. “The sound was amazing.”
(Jim Evans)

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