L-Acoustics adds audio magic to Terra Solis
Wednesday, 4 October 2023
laterrasolisimg1Terra Solis is a new multi-purpose venue located just 40 minutes outside Dubai
UAE - Created by Tomorrowland, Terra Solis is a new multi-purpose venue located just 40 minutes outside Dubai. Featuring luxurious accommodation options, a swimming pool, and a host of Tomorrowland elements, including a restaurant, bar, and a shisha lounge, this desert oasis sprawls over an expanse of 371,000sq.m.
Working in close partnership with L-Acoustics distributor in Dubai, Levels AV, has designed and delivered an L-Acoustics K3 system that injects the manufacturer’s sonic signature into the venue.
"We were delighted when Tomorrowland's partner company approached us for this project," says Richard Prior, head of operations at Levels AV. "They wanted the very best audio for their venue, and as we have a long-standing relationship with L-Acoustics, we recommended them as the top choice, which perfectly aligned with their view of L-Acoustics as industry leaders. We created a detailed specification for the sound systems, including L-Acoustics K3, KS28s, and Syva with SB15m, as well as A10 and KS21 in the DJ booth."
Prior explains that during the installation process there were some challenges due to the venue’s location.
“Logistically, it was quite tricky to get to because you have to drive out into the desert,” he notes. “Other than this, we had no sound-related issues, except for the need to conduct on-site tests before the actual installation.”
The tests were necessary due to the amphitheatre's unique design. Featuring a man-made sand dune at one end, which created some tricky reflections, the team had to make precise measurements to ensure flawless sound experience. “There was one hell of a slap back that we had to consider, which we did by adjusting positions and optimising the system output. We managed to get it working perfectly and it has sounded great ever since the venue was opened,” he adds.
Featuring a circular layout, the amphitheatre occupies the top part of the circle and is used mainly for concerts and large-scale events, with a bar in the centre, and a pool area at the bottom of the circle.
Four ground stacked L-Acoustics K3 with two KS28 subs are installed in the pool area, controlled via LA12X amplified controllers. According to Prior, the system is designed to be flexible and expandable, allowing their technical team to add more K3 and KS28 boxes for larger events and concerts. “We’ve created a versatile sound system that can cater to any occasion,” he adds.
While the K3 system handles most of the sound in the pool area during the day, the focus of the entertainment shifts to the DJ booth located in the centre of the complex in the evening. To ensure a continuous audio experience, the team installed Syva, Syva Low and SB15 subs behind the DJ booth, ensuring coverage of the entire bar area with evenly distributed sound.
“Syva is probably my favourite loudspeaker at the moment,” says Prior. “It’s compact in size with an elegant design and packs a serious punch that I absolutely love.”
Prior notes that the partnership with Tomorrowland and their ongoing work with L-Acoustics has paved the way for several significant projects this year. "Our association with L-Acoustics has raised our profile, and it's all working in our favour. We have an exciting 2024 and 2025 coming up, not to mention this year, with many projects in the pipeline, both here in Dubai and in Saudi Arabia," he says.
With the venue’s team planning to host around eight large-scale, Tomorrowland style events annually, Prior and the Levels AV team are assured an ongoing partnership between Terra Solis, with multiple opportunities to enhance the installed system by providing L-Acoustics rental systems.
“The popularity of L-Acoustics in the Middle East has surged in the recent years,” he concludes.

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