L-Acoustics launches multichannel converter
Tuesday, 7 November 2023
lalc16dLC16D will ship in Q4 of 2023
France - L-Acoustics has announced the release of the LC16D network audio converter, designed to simplify the process of interfacing legacy digital formats with the Milan AVB time-sensitive network.
LC16D is a high-capacity AES/EBU- and MADI-to-Milan AVB audio network converter housed in a compact and rugged 1RU chassis. With up to 80 legacy format inputs and outputs, LC16D can interface with up to 128 channels to and from the network. It offers dynamic mapping of audio channels and comprehensive synchronisation options, all controlled via an intuitive, embedded web interface. LC16D features flexible power options, with the innovative use of power over Ethernet and seamless Milan AVB audio connections, providing robust redundancy features as standard.
LC16D is simple to use; the embedded web interface enables full control and monitoring from any device with a web browser and internet connection. The ten user configurations make storing and loading different channel mappings easy, while comprehensive clocking options make synchronisation effortless and distribution of clock sources across connection formats possible.
LC16D acts as a bridge between legacy digital formats and a Milan AVB network, offering expanded connectivity and audio interfacing options in a budget-friendly format. It has a wide range of applications in the rental, corporate, and fixed installation markets, as well as for broadcast, residential, and recording studios.
At festivals, large-scale broadcasts, or other special event applications that use several interfaced digital consoles, LC16D's integrated asynchronous sample rate converters on each AES/EBU input eliminate the need for complex synchronisation management, allowing digital consoles to continue using their independent clock domains. This simplifies the connection process and creates a plug-and-play AES/EBU-to-Milan AVB interface while also expanding the connectivity capacity of the drive system.
“The first ever network converter from L-Acoustics, LC16D bridges legacy formats to the future of networking,” said Scott Sugden, director of product management, electronics at L-Acoustics. “The powerful, feature-rich, and cost-effective LD16D will ease and accelerate the adoption of the Milan AVB protocol.”

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